Local products

The mistress of the place, Sveta, will be happy to cook for you traditional and succulent dishes, with local products on the terrace of the mill, by the river.

The exceptional quality and flavor of the products make it possible to prepare dishes with flair. Organic food is eaten every day, the simplest meals display tunes of real agape.




  • Vegetables in brine, in vinegar, les "tetou" : cabbage, peppers , tomatoes, etc Seasonal salads with different vegetables.

  • The "ghavurma", beef boiled and then cooked with fat,

  • •     The main dish, the "khorovatz", skewers of lamb, pork, beef, chicken or fish and vegetables.

  • •     The « khachlama », boiled meat together with vegetables.

  • •     « Kharee Yaregh », eggplant stuffed with meat and baked.

  • •     The "dolma", minced meat stuffed leaf of vine, cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes or pepper.

  • "Tchoranov jach"

  • "Ganepov dolma", vegetables stuffed with flaxseed and other cereals ans pulses.

  • "gontchol" a main dish with cabbage

  • "Misov yqyni"

  • "Ichkhan tzouki ghapama", a very appreciated main dish with the famous 'ichkhan" (prince) fish of the lake Sevan

  • • Dessert, the "kamatz madzun" (drained cheese)

  • • The traditional bread, the "Lavash", a thin and oval shaped bread roll, which is obtained by pressing the dough against the wall of the oven, dug in the ground.

We will be happy to welcome you in our home, on the lake Sevan shore s, on the family estate of the Tatoyans, in pleasant rooms with shower and toilets.