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Nerkin Guedashen or Nerkin Adiamane is located where the historical Kot town was, in the region of Sunik, department  of Kegharkounik. Kot was at the crossroads of the caravan roads, it was a commerce and crafts center. But in 1830 the town was practically desered when the inhabitants of the town of Alachkerd or Toprak-Kara in the department of Alachkerd from western Armenia settled there,.


The Arkidji river flows through Nerkin Guetashen. In ancient times there were 5 mills on this river, but they no longer existed by  1830.


One of Alachkerd’s inhabitants, Tatos, ancestor of the Tatoyan family  constructed a first mill downhill of the Kotavank church which  still exists today. The descendants of the family  constructed two other mills, but these no longer exist

In 1988, 150 years after its construction, Achot and Svet Tatoyan saved the mill from destruction by beginning a huge work of renovation with their limited possibilities.


Medjloum ans Ardach, Achod’s sons, continued the renovation of he mill.

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Finally, in 2019, the renovation is completed with the financial aide of  NABU-ACBA Federation. Today, 190 years after its construction, the mill is still functioning. The Tatoyan guesthouse is right next to it.

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